Ghosts And The Paranormal

Do You Believe?

This part gives you an idea on how to go about hunting for your very own ghost! There are various different things that ghost hunters use for catching a ghost, which include:

  • walkie talkies
  • torches and spare batteries
  • camera
  • video camera
  • motion sensors
  • EMF meters
  • tape recorder

Here I will go through different experiments for you yourself to try. The first being pen and paper, many ghost hunters use pen and paper to draw round what is called a trigger object,the idea of this is to take an object for example a cross,then to lay it on a peice of paper and proceed to draw round it,then leave it in an area that is said to be haunted and leave it for a certain length of time,in a locked room if possible,it may also be an idea to leave a video camera running and focused on the object to record any possible movement.

Another good experiment for hopefully catching ghost prints is flour.This is a simple yet effective experiment if it is set up in the right area.The way to do it is to dust flour onto objects and the floor in the area ghostly activity usualy occurs,and again left for a period of time not to be disturbed by you or anyone else conducting the experiment before returning to see if there has indeed been any activity to disturb the four.

There is alot of equipment that can be used for ghost hunting,as I said a camera is a very useful piece of equipment to take photos and to hopefully catch some ghostly apparitions.Some people prefer to use an SLR camera as they dont seem to have technical difficulties that have been reported with digital cameras,the only thing to bear in mind when wanting to present your evidence is that an SLR camera use film and have negatives which could be tampered with.Therefore I would take both a digital and an SLR camera on ghost hunts.

Another useful piece of equipment is a video camera preferably a zero lux camera as this can record in low level light or even complete darkness.It is always essential to have plenty of fresh tapes ,again for when presenting evidence to sceptics,as recording over and over on the same tape could cause some previous recorded images to 'bleed through' causing a false ghost picture,so be carefull! I like to use a motion sensor too,to detect any ghostly movemet,and as with the trigger object have a video camera running so that you can rule out a person setting it off should the alarm sound.

Walkie talkies are an important part of any ghost hunters kit,so that you can keep in touch with other members of the team especially if you are investigating a large area,EMF or Electromagnetic field meters are also a very handy piece of equipment to use and detect any possible ghostly presence.By using an EMF meter it is possible to measure electromagnetic energy in milligauss,as electrical things also generate electromagnetic fields,high EMF readings in the area of an electrial device does not indicate anything unusual.Anything over 10 milligauss is normally considered high and usually harmfull,but it may indicate a ghostly presence.It is a good idea to have a digital thermometer to record any fluctuations in temperature that is usually apparent with haunted locations.

I hope this has been informative and helps you with your ghost hunting, I do hope that you get successfull results and if you do that you will come back and share them with us.